Multipolar and dark-mode plasmon resonances on drilled silver nano-triangles

Glen Fletcher, Matthew D. Arnold, Therese Pedersen, Vicki J. Keast and Michael B. Cortie

Dark-mode plasmon resonances can be excited by positioning a suitable nano-antenna above a nanostructure to couple a planar incident wave-front into a virtual point source. We explore this phenomenon using a prototypical nanostructure consisting of a silver nanotriangle into which a hole has been drilled and a rod-like nano-antenna of variable aspect ratio. Using numerical simulations, we establish the behavior of the basic drilled nanotriangle under plane wave illumination and electron beam irradiation to provide a baseline, and then add the nano-antenna to investigate the stimulation of additional dark-mode plasmon resonances. The introduction of a suitably tuned nano-antenna provides a new and general means of exciting dark-mode resonances using plane wave light. The resulting system exhibits a very rich variety of radiant and sub-radiant resonance modes.